At Braven we leverage the latest and greatest digital marketing tools to lower the cost for acquiring new leads, convert lead into customers, and retain customers in order to grow and scale your company.



We’ll devise a blueprint that directly engages your ideal customers to increase retainment to increase your bottom line.

The Braven strategy team uses your brand’s insights as a basis for designing a new modern and cohesive action plan that reignites current relationships and draws new customers.

We evaluate your brand’s current strategy to identify points of friction and devise new plans to resolve them and move forward.


what we offer



Creative Design

• Graphic design

• Inforgraphics

• Video

• Websites

• Banner ads

Web Design & Development

• Digital design

• User experience design

• Information architecture

• Web development

• Content strategy


Social Media Marketing

• Influencer marketing

• Social media management

• Social media content

• Social media strategy

• Social media advertisement



• Paid media and advertisement

• A/B testing

• Email marketing automation

• Retargeting and remarketing